Optical HDMI 2.0 Cable 4K@60Hz Ethernet High Speed 18Gbps 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0 3D 4K HDR HDCP 2.2 100m

This fiber optic HDMI cable can transmit the sound of the computer and laptop with HDMI interface to the TV, display and projector with HDMI interface, and transmit the length of 300m max, the resolution can reach 4K@60Hz.

The plug and play, without external power supply or signal amplifier, Support HDCP2.2, CEC and EDID. Small barren waist streamlined metal shell, in line with ergonomics. Fiber-optic transmission of high-frequency signals, no electromagnetic interference.


Color: Black
Connector Type: Standard HDMI A Type plug
Highest bandwidth : 18Gbps (Single channel 6Gbps)
Resolution: 4K(3840x2160)@60Hz (Downward compatibility)
Conductor Material: Tinned Copper+Fiber
Shell Material: Zinc Alloy •Shielding: Aluminum Foil+Metal Woven Mesh
Jacket Material: TPE


1) Supports Full HDMI2.0 specification.

2) Support HDR, ARC, CEC, EDID, 3D, HDCP2.2.

3) Supports 18Gbps bandwidth and all formats of 4K 60hz: 4K 60Hz 8bit 4:4:4/ 4K 60Hz 12bit 4:2:2/ 4K 60Hz 16bit 4:2:0/ 4K 60Hz Dobly Vision/ 4K 60hz HDR.

4) Supports 32 Uncompressed Audio Channels.

5) Plug and Play,no extra power needed and no signal loss.

6) Transmit pure clear digital images and sounds instantly.

7) Low Power Consumption: 250mW (max).(Power extracted from HDMI source).

8) No Signal Loss & No Interference: One of the greatest things about this optic fiber HDMI cable is its combination of affordability and reliability. It needs no repeater or signal booster to work, no loss of signal over distance and no EMI interference to degrade the signal.

9) Ultra 3D over HDMI: Defines input and output protocols for major 3D video formats, paving the way for 3D home theater.

10) Audio Return Channel: Allows HDTVs with a built-in tuner to send audio upstream to surround sound audio receiver.

11) HDMI Ethernet Channel: Adds data to the HDMI cable enabling high-speed bi-directional network communication.

12) 24-Karat Gold Plated Connectors: 24K gold-plated connectors feature rust resistance and stable signal streaming, ensure the purity of the digital signal and provide the truer sound and picture.

It must be installed in the correct direction: The Cable with SOURCE plug for connecting HDMI source devices(Blu-ray, STBox etc.); DISPLAY plug for connecting your HDMI display devices(TV, Projector,Monitor etc.).

Do not add any switch or other extender device to work with the cable at the same time. Multi-transfer will result in HDMI signal loss.

When wiring, please be careful not to tie, or force pull the fiber, or use feet and other heavy objects to press the fiber, the process of breaking through the wall should not be more than 200N, if the fiber is broken, or the core broken, the optical fiber can no longer be used.

Please test the cable whether will it display/ works or not before you install. ( Please direct from source device connect to display devices to test ).

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