4 Channel Stereo Speaker Selector Audio Switch

This speaker selector allows you to distribute your stereo audio signal to upto four speaker “zones”. An impedance protection circuit can be enabled toso that your amplifier sees a constant load of at least 5 ohms, ensuring thatyour amplifier is not damaged by improper speaker loading. The protectioncircuit can be disabled, but should only be done so as part of a professionallyinstalled system with impedance matching volume controls and wiringconfiguration

The spring-clip connectors on the Speaker Selector are designed to acceptbare speaker wire up to 14 AWG, which provides sufficient current carryingcapacity to allow runs up to 100 feet. For shorter distances,16 or 18AWGspeaker is sufficient

When running wires through the walls, you should use cable fihas been tested safe for use inside walls, such as cables with the Cl2 fire safety rating.When connecting speakers to an amplifier it is important to retain the correctpolarity. Positive/+/red terminals should be connected to the corresponding+/red terminal at the other end, while negative/-/black should likewise be onlyconnected to -/balck terminal


Listening Zones:4

Protection Circuit High Power Resistors:2 x 10 ohm/15 watt per channel

Power Handling with Protection Circuit ON:70 watts/channel

Power Handiling with Protection Circuit OFF:140 watts/channel

Dimension (L x W x H):216x125x66 (mm)


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