Two Zone Dual Source Speak Audio Selector with Volume Controls For Theater

1. Description

This roduct is switchable dual source speaker selectors with indi-vidual volume control for up to 4 different zones.

With the switchable function, users can alternate between the two different amplifiers in each zone, This allows users to enjoy Source A in one room and Source B in another room.

2. Installation Consideration

This product is Watts per channel at 8 ohms respectively. If you are uncertain about the power rating of your amplifier, consult the appliance’s manufacturer.designed for use with amplifier with a maximum power of 180 This product

 Furthermore, This product does not recommend installing more than 1 pair of speakers per pair of channels. Each pair of channels or terminal block is designed for 1 pair of speakers using up to 14 gauge wire.recommend using only 8 ohm speakers when using the Speaker wires can act as an antenna for electrical noise. Locating speaker wires too close to a light dimmers or switches may cause a buzzing or popping sound to be heard through the speakers. If you must locate the wiring near electrical devices, route the speaker wires several inches away.

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