Video Composite Audio Balun Extender Over CAT5 for Sound Bar Amplifier 1000m


The Composite Video/Stereo Hi-Fi Audio Balun that allows one Composite video, one  Stereo Hi-Fi Audio to be  transmitted  Via Cat5e/6 Cable,up to 1000ft(305m) in  a  point-to-point connection.it is built in surge  suppressor to protect Video and Audio   equipment against  damaging  voltage  spikes . its  integrated ground loop isolation prevents  annoying "hum - bars" common  noise  with  long  distance installations. The  product  is  designed for classroom video distribution,commercial and home audio/video systems ,hospital video training,video conferencing ,  and  video  kiosks Boardroom systems and so on.Used in pairs,Working With MB-CA1000,the Composite/Audio can be transmitted up to 3250ft(1000m). the  Video/Audio Balun  eliminates costly and bulky coaxial  cable,allowing Video/audio equipment to be connected or moved within a structured cabling environment.


1 Channel Stereo Audio up to 3250ft(1000m) Via Cat5/5e/6

Video up to 2,200 feet (670m) via Cat5e/6

20 Hz to 20 KHz bandwidth

Full ground-loop immunity in Audio

Built in TVS for surge protection

Audio Inputs support line level unbalanced Audio

Quicker moves, adds, and change

Setup Guide

Plug the RCA connectors of the transmit Balun into the Video and Audio outputs of the source component you wish to transmit. Plug the Video and Audio connectors from the receive Balun into your desired input component. Insert the CAT5 cable into both ends of the Baluns. You may use standard EIA 568A/B termination.



Bandwidth;  20 Hz to 20 KHz over the distance range

Maximum Input:   1.1Vp-p

Impedance:  600 ohms min

Insertion Loss per balun pair:    Less than 2 dB over the frequency range.

Common Mode Rejection:  Greater than 40 dB over the frequency and distance range

THD:  Maximum 0.007% @ 1 KHz over distance range

Audio Source Impedance:   100 ohms maximum

Audio Receiver Impedance:    10 k ohms minimum

Max. Distance – Cat5e/6 UTP :   3250ft (1,000m)

Pin Configuration (RJ45) EIA 568 A or B:  Audio 1 (White): pins 1[R] & 2 [T] Audio 2 (Red): pins 7 [R] & 8 [T]

Cable – UTP :   24AWG or lower solid copper twisted pair wire 

Impedance: 100 ohms at 1 MHz; Maximum capacitance: 20 pf/foot.Attenuation: 6.6 dB/1000 ft at 1 MHz

 Connectors:  Two RCA-F connectors for audio:white red :  yellow for video. RJ45 for twisted pair

Temperature:  Operating: 0° to 55°C      Storage: -20° to 85°C       Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing



Bandwidth; 6 MHz, 3 dB roll off

Maximum Input:   1.1Vp-p

Impedance:  75 ohms

Insertion Loss per balun pair:   Less than 2 dB per pair over the frequency range from DC to 6 MHz

Common Mode Rejection: Greater than 40 dB over the frequency range

Max. Distance Color via Cat 5E/6 UTP/STP Cable:  1000 ft (305 m)

Pin Configuration (RJ45):Video: Pins 4(R) &5(T)

Dimensions(packaging):   155*80*30mm(including one pair of Balun)

Weight(packaging):   260g


Package Contents:

1pc RCA Balun Sender

1pc RCA Balun Reciever

1pc Operation Manual

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