Wireless IR Remote Transmitter Emitter Receiver Blaster more TV to Share one Set-top Box

After Digital TV,you do not want to control the equipment of different room(such as DVD Player,Blu-ray Players,Satellite set-top boxes and other home theater) through wiring arrangement.Are you tried of using a remote control to operating your device through

opening cupboard door? By this product,wireless remote control transmitter and receiver system suite allows you to control up to 250m above the indoor 50m outdoor equipment,it can get through walls ,doors,ceiling,floor,etc...
This device allows you to control your device from room 50m without directing line connection.It even goes through the closet door and closed entertainment system cabinet.

The main purpose of the wireless repeater is that,it can connect remote signals from different rooms through wireless.For example ,you can control the set-top box which in the bedroom while you are in the bedroom,
If two TVs watch the same program at the same time,this product is practical and simple.

1.Lower power consumption current,power less than 0.3 watts
2.Long transmission distance,50M indoors,250M outdoor,
3.Frequency of remote receiving:20~60Kilohertz/Frequency
4.Remote receiving distance:12M
5.Radio frequency:2.4G
6.Power supply:5V USB power supply.

Product Characteristics
It is an ideal solution for these whom want to wireless remote control and to make your entertainment system cabinet or closet clean and fashion.it plug and play,easy installer,compact design and low power consumption.This device allow you to control your

device from room 50m without directing line connection.
1.The infrared remote signal is sensitive ,the remote signal receives the reaction speed,the real-time forward without delay.
2,Radiators are resistant to sunlight.This product can be used in the sunlight.
3.The transmitter comes with a red light.
4.Wireless infrared signal repeater is easy to install,super small design and easy to hide.

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