HDMI cable

HDMI cable

HDMI 19Pin Male to HDMI 19Pin Male

Perfect for connecting your HDMI Monitors, A/V Receivers, and HDTV

Supports all HDMI Devices, including 1.3 or 1.4

Supports Resolutions up to 1080P

All conductor and the shields(braid and drain) are copper.

Triple shields,make sure to prevent the EMI effectively

The connector is 24K gold plated,

Our CL3 HDMI Cable can satisfy your Wiring HDMI cables in construction.

We can provide quite long HDMI Cable with amplifying the signal without power source,

HDMI Adopter, Certification with ATC, Ensure best quality,

User Specifications


UL.VM-1, CL2, CL3, CMR, Teflon, LSOH


2、Surface  Appearance

PVC moulding

Double-color PVC

ABS Shell

Zinc alloy / Aluminum alloy

PVC moulding & Screw

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