SPDIF TOSLINK Optical Audio 3X1 Switch with 5.1CH Decoder for Stereo Out

SPDIF TOSLINK Optical Audio 3X1 Switch with 5.1CH Decoder for Stereo Out

Product Description
Look no further. If you need the best digital audio switch + digital to analog decoder + converter + unmatched performance (super fast hardware decode) + unparalleled flexibility with multiple output options + durable & reliable metal jacket construction, welcome to Venus.

3X1 SPDIF | TOSLINK switch with built-in audio decoder. The single SPDIF | TOSLINK output signal is identcal to the selected incoming audio signal. The 3.5mm headphone and L / R stereo RCA stereo output can be on at the same time, provides the best flexibility anywhere.

This is not only a 3x1 optical audio switch, but also can decode incoming TOSLINK | SPDIF digital surround audio signal, up to AC3/DD5.1CH and DTS5.1CH, and convert it to 2CH stereo analog L/R audio and 3.5MM headphone outputs at the same time. Venus adopts an integrated high performance audio decoder with hardware processing engines, not through software, thus providing unparallelled performance without delay to meet the most demanding application.
Dual-function input selection button: push to cycle through the 3 inputs; push & hold to power down the switch; push to power up.
Comes with 100V to 240V universal power adapter with US plug and user manual.

Product Features

In Full Metal Case: Three SPDIF/TOSLINK input; Supports one SPDIF/TOSLINK output, one L/R analog RCA audio output and one 3.5mm headphone output
Built with state of the art 24bit DSP and 96KHZ/24bit DAC, delivering super-fast HW decode
SPDIF/TOSLINK input & output ports support ALL optical audio formats including AC3/DD5.1CH & DTS5.1CH & Dolby Digital Plus (used by Roku)
The L/R and 3.5mm analog audio output supprots audio format up to AC3/DD5.1CH & DTS5.1CH, but do NOT support Dolby Digital Plus.
Support Cable / Satellite / Blu-ray / DVD / AppleTV boxes
Automatic identify input digital audio signal format and output stereo analog audio
One dual-function button for input selection and power on/off the switch

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