VGA to AV (PC to TV) Converter


AV-VAC01 converts PC VGA  to composite (Yellow RCA) and/or S-video TV display signal.  It is with a VGA pass through so that you can keep your computer monitor connected while sending a signal to the TV.  All outputs are loopthrough, display simultaneously.  It is with fine tuning control to adjust the picture to your preference.  It draws power from an available USB port using a supplied USB power cable. No external power supply is needed.It is a good and cheap solution for family kara OK from PC to TV, and PC to a Optoma Pico PK101.

Want to display movies or images in your computer in your TV or projector,but without a VGA input interface?Don’t worry.This item products can help you.                      

It supports VGA pass through so that you can keep computer monitor connected while sending a signal to the TV or Projector at the same time. All outputs (VGA, RCA, S-Video) are loop through and displayed simultaneously. And with fine tuning control function to make the image and audio perfect.


A. VGA-IN:  can be connected to the computer  graphics card or laptop VGA port.

BS-Vdieo/AV OUT interface: Can be connected to TV CVBS or SVIDEO Interface

C. VGA OUT : Can be connected to computer monitors at the same time, the monitor and TV set work simultaneously.

D. Support: NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N a variety of formats.


F. Plug and Play, no software or driver required, easy to use

G.VGA Input Resolution:640×480/60/72/85Hz,800×600/60/75Hz,1024×768/60/75Hz


   1.Power : To connect PC USB port or DC 5V external power supply

   2.Video Out: To connect Composite Video display .

   3.S-Video Out: To connect S-Video display.

   4.VGA Out: To connect PC monitor LCD.

   5.VGA In: To connect PC Host .


VGA to AV x1

S-Video Cable x1

AV Cable x1

USB Cable x1

User Manual x1

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