USB2.0 AM-AF Cable

USB2.0 AM to AF cable
1.USB 2.0 Cable
2.USB AM to AF Ver2.0
Cable high-speed USB2.0 device, based on PRO Series USB cable specially designed products, and more tough, durable, providing more reliable
Data transmission performance, to maximize the performance of your USB device to improve efficiency.

Up to the ultra-fast data transfer speeds 480Mps
24K gold-plated connectors provide excellent electrical conductivity, making high-speed data transfer fast and quasi-
20 diameter of the power line structure, can improve the power handling
The modular structure of specific stress relief can be mobile and flexible, durable, and perfect fit
Support USB interface with PC and Macintosh computers, and all USB peripherals
And the current USB specifications to ensure 100% compatible
Gold-plated copper contacts can provide excellent electrical conductivity.

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