DisplayPort to VGA M-F 15CM

The AV-Star.com DisplayPort to VGA adapter lets you connect a VGA computer monitor to a DisplayPort video card or other DisplayPort source, eliminating the expense of upgrading the monitor for compatibility.

It support PC resolutions of up to 1920x1200 and HDTV resolutions up to 1080p, this high-quality adapter offers crystal clear picture clarity. This simple Plug and Play adapter features a pure hardware design with an integrated chip to provide an active digital to analog conversion so that no software or drivers are required. Simply connect the adapter to your DisplayPort video source, and plug your VGA cable into your monitor.

Color Black
Connector Types  DB15 High Density Female
Connector Types  Display Port Male - Latching
Maximum Analog Resolutions 1920x1200
Product Weight 50g
Enclosure Type Plastic
Wide Screen Supported: Yes

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